Forecast: Windy with Change of Direction

Today was the day that we were going to be moving my mother-in-law from Assisted Living to Independent Living.  She has been doing really well but her dog was not taking to the Assisted Living facility very well. I really should say that several people there weren’t taking to him well. We found a beautiful place that is extremely dog friendly. She was so excited about moving there. The operative word “was” is the key.

Before we could even have breakfast, we got a call saying her, Sally’s, knee was swollen and she couldn’t stand. We rushed over and her doctor met us there.  The doctor was afraid it was a broken kneecap so off to the emergency room we go.  X-rays confirmed that it was a broken kneecap.  What was worse was her broken spirit.

So instead of spending the day moving her into her new place, we spent the day in the hospital.  She’s stuck there overnight and we brought home her dog which left our feline friends extremely unhappy.

This just goes to show that the hurricane of life is still out there blowing.  It just changed direction of the winds. I’m beginning to think that we are never going to get out from under this storm.  To top it off, everyone in Texas has apparently gone into mass hysteria and has bought every drop of gas they can lay their hands on.  Thankfully, we had a gas can full for the lawn mower.  That gave us enough gas to get to the hospital they moved her to this afternoon. However, we don’t have enough to get back to the hospital in the morning.

I do know one thing.  I’m ready for this storm we’ve been stuck under to move on.  It can’t stay swirling over our heads forever. Here’s hoping that you are not stuck under a storm yourself. Time to go find a bigger umbrella!

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