Forecast: Thunder with a chance of rain

I woke up this morning seeing things clearer. Yesterday we had to spend the day in the ER and then the hospital with my mother-in-law.  Then we had to bring her dog back home with us.  To say that we have mad cats is an understatement! He turned the cats into chickens within seconds.

The dog, Buddy, isn’t used to doing normal dog things.  I’m allergic to dogs so he had to spend some time outside.  The boy does not know how to be a dog. He prefers to be a couch potato. His favorite place at home is on the couch.

We came home to find that our living room had been taking over by ants.  They were embedded in the carpet so it was the vacuum to the rescue.  I searched forever and never could find where they were getting in. It was simply icing on the cake for a really long day.

Our day involved a dog that doesn’t know he’s a dog turning cats into chickens. Then we were assaulted by ants that were using a portal to beam straight into our living room. All that was topped off by my mother-in-law trying so hard to prove that she is perfectly fine that she pushed it to the point where she fell and broke her kneecap.  Which means she proved us right and she couldn’t take care of herself. Her stubbornness was her downfall. Anyway, this is a representation of what our days tend to end up looking like.

This has been the year of the parents. To be honest, the past few years have been all about the parents but this year has been the toughest.  We no longer know what normal feels like. Any time we think things will calm down and we get to try to get our life back on track, we spend a whole day in the hospital with a parent.

Tomorrow is surgery for my mom-in-law. She tore the ligaments around her knee and they have to be repaired. To say we are nervous is an understatement. This whole taking care of parents thing is not for the faint of heart. If we can continue to survive all the storms, you can too.

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