Dark and Stormy Night

I have to say that writing really is the best therapy. I shouldn’t have spent the money to set up this site but it was an incentive to get me to write. It’s the one thing that has stayed a constant in my life and can calm me down faster than a piece of chocolate. The problem is I don’t always allow myself time to write which is a shame.

They say that you can look back over your life and pinpoint the moment when you knew with certainty what it is that you want to do. I haven’t been able to figure that out for a couple of decades. Then it hit me the other day. I knew what and when I fixed upon the idea of writing.

I still remember it very clearly. I was about five or six and came home to find a book on my pillow. It was a Peanuts book by Charles Schultz. I remember how dramatic that first page was and it drew me in immediately.

Snoopy was sitting on top of his dog house with a typewriter and the big words above him. “It was a dark and stormy night.” You would not believe how many short stories I have started with a description of dark weather.  That book had a major influence on me that I never fully recognized.

To this day, I still turn to Snoopy and writing to calm me down when I find myself in the middle of a dark storm. The storms I face now in my forties are much different than the ones of my childhood.  They can still be fixed by Snoopy.  I can close my eyes and hear the words of that story.

So it must be true, you do somehow know as a child where your heart is going to lead you. It just takes a decade or two or three to finally remember what it was your heart heard that day.

Don’t do like I did and wait until your forties to start listening to the child inside that has all the answers. Give in and let yourself admit that we all need a good dark and stormy night in our life.

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