Tomorrow is Another Day

Well, we started today in our usual way.  We got a call from the nursing home letting us know that my mother-in-law was already in an ambulance headed towards the emergency room.  They thought she had a seizure plus her blood pressure was at 85/33. Time to put on shoes and head out. It’s just another normal day.

I don’t quite know when rushing out to the hospital became a normal day. I’ve gotten rather used to having to rush out before I even get a chance to make a cup of tea or take a shower. It’s no big deal anymore. It still makes you super tired spending 12 hours sitting in hospitals but it is nothing. You should hear the terminology that I can rattle off now. I have no idea how or when I learned some of the things that come out of my mouth.

The only way to truly describe a day like today is numb.  Maybe you feel numb because that is what your butt eventually becomes. Numb. We hit the jackpot today by getting a geriatric specialist. Finally! Someone who understands the brains and bodies of those over 80. Originally, we had been led to believe that my mother-in-law had vascular dementia.  We took her to a neurologist who said she had Alzheimer’s instead.  Today we found out that the images of her brain say that she has both vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s.  On top of that, the tests indicated that she has had a heart attack at some point in time. Too much to take in at once. That is why you feel numb!

Sally is a trooper though. You can tell at times that she is on the verge of giving up. I would be very surprised if she were still here by this time next year. She is getting tired. I honestly don’t blame her. I’d be exhausted after all that she has been through. She was telling me about some of her recent trips. When she goes to sleep, her mind takes her places. She said she enjoys that some times but not always. I think it would be sort of cool to have that super power.

In the middle of moving from the small hospital to the big hospital with all the fancy machines that can discover your body’s deepest secrets, I got a call from my mother.  She needed to add something to her grocery list and not tell me about something that happened at their nursing home. She always gets very dramatic in letting me know that something went down. When I ask her what happened, she tells me I’m busy so she’ll tell me all about it when I come by with her supplies. I sometimes think that she does that to get me to rush over in anticipation. She’s cried wolf one too many times. I don’t rush. I prioritize.

Once we got settled into the bigger hospital and waiting for test results, I got a call from a friend with teenage daughter issues. I have just one thing to say about that. I’m grateful to be handling three parents with the issues of dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, post-stroke, heart conditions, cancer, and whatever else the next doctor finds instead of having to handle a teenage daughter! I don’t think I’m strong enough to handle a teenage daughter. I’ll take the aging parents.

My friend and I were discussing whether or not we were going to survive our current situations. I could think of only one piece of advice for both of us. We need to channel our inner Scarlett. For tomorrow is another day.

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