The Call

It happened. We got the call saying we should come to my mother-in-law’s bedside. I didn’t know what to say to her and I don’t know what to say here. She’s been a part of my life for 27 years and had become one of my best friends.

We’ve known this day was coming. I went to see her on New Year’s Eve and she just slept. When I got out to the truck to leave, the song playing was “How Can I Help You Say Good-bye” by Patty Loveless. I took that as a sign the end was really near.

When my husband got home from work tonight, he was expecting to hear that she was gone. He had this overwhelming feeling come over him as he was driving home. We knew the call was coming. The bad part is we lost my father-in-law last January. I’m beginning to not like this month.

John couldn’t handle watching her like that so we came home to wait for the next call. I hated leaving her but it is so hard to watch as the lungs give out. Time to wait.

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