It Happened

Well, it happened. We got that final call. Or should I say I got the final text message. Yes, informed by text. I was going to go back over to my mother-in-law’s around 8:00 am on Wednesday morning and she decided to leave at 7:00 am. When I got there, I have to say that is the most peaceful she has looked in months. My first thought was that I was happy for her.

I sat there and was updated on all that happened during the night while we waited for the hospice nurse to get there. That means she was gone almost two hours before she was finally declared gone. It was good to hear that her last few hours were very peaceful. That helps make you feel a little bit better.

I stayed until the funeral home came to pick her up. I have to say that the hardest part of the whole morning was looking out and seeing what looked like a modified PT Cruiser with the usual little swirl in the back panel that denotes death is inside. I think I’ll be seeing that white hearse in my dreams for years. I made sure that they kept her snowman blanket with her. And with that, she was gone. I had already packed up all her belongings while we waited. It was the longest morning and the shortest morning ever.

My husband had gone to work that morning and I called him just as he arrived at work to tell him to come back home. So he was ready to make the drive down to the funeral home when I got home. Sally left us with exactly three weeks left until the one year anniversary of her husband, Aubrey. We lost him on January 24, 2017 and then Sally on January 3, 2018. She almost made it a whole year. I actually think she was ready to go right around Christmas but she wanted to hold on until 2018. She also thought that 2017 sucked and she probably didn’t want the year to win!

We ran down and made all the arrangements. We did it in record time. John’s right. We’ve been in that funeral home more times in the past year than we have over the rest of our lifetime combined! Today I’m trying to finish up all the last of the arrangements and wash clothes. What is the thing that has to end up being done while preparing for a funeral? Laundry. Of course!

I’m slowly moving along. I have so much to do today but I all I want to do is crawl in bed and put the covers over my head. I was the one that had to tell Sally’s 89 year-old sister about what happened. I was scared to death that we would end up with two funerals back to back. I think that wiped out my energy. It’s finally happened. I am totally and completely mentally exhausted.

Seems strange to know that she’s not physically on this earth anymore. I’ve felt bad telling everyone. She was the nicest person you’ve ever met and no one wants to believe that she’s actually gone now. You will be missed, Sally. I love you and will see you again one day.

Sally at front door close up

Sally with the love of her life, Buddy. Night, Sally.

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