Do We Have to Share Everything?

I had what I thought was a cold for over a week before my husband finally caught it this past Saturday.  By Monday night, he was questioning why I was calling it a cold. It’s been years since I’ve had a cold or the flu so I don’t know. Normally, I just have allergies and upper respiratory infections. So I did what every respectable person does, I looked it up online. According to the online medical sites, I didn’t have a cold. I had the flu. Now I am thinking that it is a blessing in disguise.

Think about it, when you say you have a cold, people tell you it’s not that bad and keep moving. That’s what my husband did to me when I first caught this and thought it was a cold. When he called in to work to say he had the flu, they said stay home or better yet stay home for a couple of days. It’s all in the name. The reason I call this a blessing in disguise is because we just had unusually cold weather with ice.  San Antonio had over 180 accidents yesterday. I didn’t have to worry about him being out in it. He was home on the couch asleep.

The bad part though is the sharing. Yes, I am the one who gave it to him. The problem is that I was finally starting to feel a little better when he ended up with it. Guess what happened this morning. Yep, I’m going back downhill. They tell you to share things with your spouse but this is just ridiculous.  How do you ever get out of this endless cycle?

I know how I managed to not avoid it this year. I was so stressed and tired from worrying about my mother-in-law that my immune system could not hold up against the germs. I caught it super fast too. I got an email about something that piqued my curiosity during all this. It was about energy medicine. Now I used to consider such things as energy healing and energy medicine rather woo-woo not too long ago. Then I experienced first hand how much it can work.

Back in 2006, my allergies got to the point where I couldn’t eat or touch anything without having some type of reaction to it. I accidentally found out about a practice called NAET.  Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques. Oh my goodness. It worked. I know it works because I can now eat strawberries and shrimp when both used to practically send me to the hospital. I still remember when my shrimp allergy was beginning. Each time I ate it, the reaction would get worse. In the beginning, I would take a Benadryl and it would lessen the effect. One lesson I learned back then, do not take a Benadryl and then drink a pina colada. Nope, doesn’t mix.

Anyway, NAET uses the energy of the item to make the allergy go away. I used to love going to the sessions because Dr. Gloar was so awesome. She had this very soft voice and you simply felt peace when you walked into the room with her. Have you ever had someone whose presence made you immediately feel better? That was Dr. Gloar. I don’t know how she did it. She also made me a believer in energy medicine.

What I recently came across was a webinar by Donna Eden. She has been working with energy medicine for over 40 years and wrote a book that is used as curriculum on the subject. I say it is time for me to open up my mind again and give it a try. They say that the human body is made up of energy. That connects you with the universe which is all energy. It makes sense that you can use that energy to correct problems within the body. I say it is worth a try. I also have my mother in mind too. I found out before Christmas that she was upset with me because I didn’t cure her cancer. I’m still holding out for that miracle to deliver to her what she thinks I can. You don’t know until you try.

May this find you all healthy and free of the flu. Time to go check on my stew. No, it’s not chicken noodle. I don’t know how to make it from scratch. Have a good one.

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