Happy Birthday, Mom!


Happy Birthday, Mom!  My mother turned 82 today. She loves birthdays. She’s been telling everyone she sees for the past year that she was turning 82 today.  That means tomorrow she will start telling everyone that she’s about to turn 83!

I wish I could get as excited about birthdays but I didn’t get that gene. To me, they are just another day. I have to stop and remember that isn’t the way she is wired. I made sure to get her cake and balloons for a small party we had for her on Saturday. Today I went up to join her for the group birthday celebration at the nursing home.

I helped out by handing out the ice cream and cupcakes to everyone. That way Mom was able to tell everyone that was her daughter helping. It’s part of her status symbol. She likes to have the most visitors and the visitors who are helping others. I didn’t get that need for social acceptance either.

Turning 82 is a big accomplishment. The chances of her turning 83 get slimmer everyday. I say make 82 as big as possible. The main thing is she was happy.  That’s all that really matters.

Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you!

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