Just Me

Hi Y’all!

My name is Polly and I will tell you that I don’t have a degree in psychology or sociology. Nope, my degree was achieved in math.  Yes, that subject that you all loved to hate or sleep in. What I also have a degree in is life.  We all have that degree.  I’ve been working on trying to make sense of why and how things happen.  I read a lot.  Some could say that I might even be a bit of a personal growth junkie.  Though I would say that I am at the moderate level.

I used to only listen to the logical side of my brain.  The side that said that there had to be a reason for everything and nothing is left up to chance.  Then I started opening up and allowing myself to believe.  I’m still skeptical but not like before.

I’m in my forties, married, and in charge of overseeing the care for all the parents.  We lost my father-in-law earlier this year but the other three have kept us hopping. Whoever said things get easier once they go into facilities like nursing homes or assisted living had to have been smoking pot! If anything, it becomes more hard work. On top of that, you have to figure out how to fit in your life too.  If you ignore your needs too long, you go broke.  It’s hard to care for parents when you are broke!

This is my journey of trying to figure out how to balance all that is on my plate now. I won’t say I’m learning to juggle since looking at all the balls bounce away from me probably isn’t entertaining. Those balls are acting like the stupid ducks I tried to get in a row.  They all got mad at each other and flew off to their own rivers and creeks. They won’t talk to each other let alone stand next to each other in a row!

I took this photo earlier this year and think it is a perfect representation of my life.  My life is filled with all these thorny thistles yet every now and then a drop of beauty wants to stop and appreciate the nourishment hidden among the thistles.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day!!

Butterfly with thistle bush-0687